My Favorite TV Shows
In order

1. King of the Hill - FOX
Sunday nights, this animated show is just plain ole' funny, in its final season.

2. 7th Heaven - WB
Monday nights, A great family drama for all ages, in its final season

3. Jeopardy! - local affiliate
Daily, Answers and questions never get old (but are they getting harder?).

4. South Park - Comedy Central
Wednesday nights, this cult cartoon hit is definitely not for young'ens.

5. Rap City's Top 10 - BET
Saturday evenings, DJ Nicks carrying on the host tradition.

6. Prime Minister's Questions - CSPAN
Sunday nights, The lower house grills Tony Blair on his foreign policy and "anti-social behavior"

7. Freddie - ABC
Wednesday nights, A funny, not spectacular, new comedy. Worth a look.

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