How We Met
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We originally met each other through our mutual friend, Lori. In 1995, Dave became friends with her during one of his engineering co-ops. They both worked at Lockheed Martin in Houston while they attended college. A few years later, Lori transferred to the University of Texas and moved to Austin. In 1996, she answered my advertisement for a third roommate and moved in with me and my friend, Lisa, in August 1997. She has been a friend for life ever since.

Lori invited Dave over to see our new pad. I happened to be home and admired the view as Dave passed through the doorway. Unfortunately, he was spoken-for at the time.

Lori graduated one semester later, but returned to Austin often to visit her friends. Dave and I would see each other from time to time when she was in town. By February 1999, Dave and I were both single at the same time. Little did I know that he had taken notice of me as well and was hoping to meet up again.

On February 20th, I stopped by to visit my friends Josh & Usman. They were having a party later and invited me to stay. After a few hours, Dave surprised me by walking through the door. It turned out that one of Dave's fraternity brothers, Kris, knew my pals. I had not seen Dave in months, and I was not about to shy away from greeting him. Dave also seized the opportunity. For the next four hours, he did not leave my side...and the rest is history!

Melissa and Dave, March 1999