My Hometown

We moved to the Clear Lake area in May 1980. I attended Ed White Elementary School in El Lago. Then I went to Seabrook Intermediate School for 6th through 8th grade. I attended high school at Clear Lake High School, where I graduated with my diploma in 1992.

My family lives in the Clear Lake Forest subdivision of Taylor Lake Village by NASA Johnson Space Center. My father recently retired from in the cost analysis office on site at NASA. When I worked at Lockheed Martin, I lived at home and many times carpooled with my Dad. I lived about 5 minutes from the Lockheed building where I worked as a Coop.

Taylor Lake Village is a small community, consisting of Clear Lake Forest, Timber Cove, Lake Country, and Kirby Woods among others. It is one of the older neighborhoods in Clear Lake; it began in the sixties during the development of the early space program. It is bounded by Taylor Lake to the east, NASA Rd. 1 to the south, and Armand Bayou/Red Bluff to the north.

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