Multimedia UT Football Gallery
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Texas 24 vs. Nebraska 20: October 1999

Mangum drills the Rose Bowl Game Winner
Texas 38 vs. Michigan 37: January 2005

Phil Dawson nails a 50 yard game winner into a stiff breeze
Texas 17 vs. Virginia 16: October 1995

Bryant Westbrook rings Leland McElroy as Texas wins the final SWC title
Texas 16 vs. Texas A&M 6: December 1995

Stockton's chip shot caps the game winning drive to beat the Aggies
Texas 26 vs. Texas A&M 24: November 1998

Limas Sweed goes up over Nate Salley in Columbus
Texas 25 vs. Ohio State 22: September 2005

Ricky Williams breaks Tony Dorsett's record in grand fashion
Texas 26 vs. Texas A&M 24: November 1998
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Stonie Clark stops James Allen on 4th and goal
Texas 17 vs. Oklahoma 10: October 1994

"Steelers Roll Left" seals the 1996 Big XII Championship
Texas 37 vs. Nebraska 27: December 1996
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